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The name of the NGO "Association of Creative Personalities - OKO" speaks for itself.  Indifferent people gathered and started to create different projects. Quite the opposite.  The OKO NGO emerged as a result of the creation of the eponymous project of the annual OKO - International Ethnographic Film Festival.   We have created a public organization In order to act officially, to create new projects, to gather people and resources around them, to grow and develop, to help people to realize their surplus of creative energy, to diversify the cultural life in the southern region of Ukraine and all over the world.  Our goal is to help society look at the world from different point of view  through movies, festivals, art, books, songs, dances, concerts - everything we mean by culture.  We create cultural projects to provide the people with spiritual bread, respond to the needs of society and satisfy them, and thus develop the tourism and investment potential of the southern region of Ukraine.  We work for Ukraine and the whole world, but our heart belong to Bessarabia.

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