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The full-length documentary film “SHE” - a diary of military wives

“She” is a film about the fate of a woman during the war. But “she” is also the war, Ukraine, motherland, mother, family, and dream. These terms in Ukrainian are all feminine. 
The film is a diary of the military wives. Three women, who are waiting for their husbands from the war, are the focus of this documentary. There are three love stories, three different dreams, three women of different ages and professions with different periods of marriage, from different regions, from different ethnic communities, who find themselves in one city (Bolhrad, Odesa region, Ukraine) after the 24th, get to know each other and start a volunteer movement. 

The husbands of the heroines love and cherish their wives and families. One has already raised daughters, the second one is raising a small son, and the third one is only dreaming of having a baby. But on February 24, these men have to choose between the two most precious things in life — their family and Ukraine. After all, they go to the front. At this time, their wives create a volunteer center, help the army, collect and take humanitarian aid to their men's positions, and meet their dead military blood brothers. The women go through different obstacles, believe in victory, and dream of the return of their husbands, meeting their relatives, and new life after victory.

The viewer can watch the life of the heroines during the war in Ukraine; the evolution of their relationship with the children and relatives; their dedication to volunteering and short moments of rest; their patience and ability to overcome the stress, so that in the end, after victory, they can look forward to returning and long-awaited meeting with beloved ones. What will it be like? When? What transformations will each couple go through? Will they be able to save their love and realize their dreams? Or maybe someone will never return?

This is a story about great love for each other, family, and Ukraine. Each family of militaries is a small Ukraine that they defend. Thanks to the war, these things become identical. Ukraine is becoming one big family.

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