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Hitar Petar's adventures in Bessarabia


This project of a feature-length adventure comedy is on the pre-production stage and is looking for funding. Written scripts, even selected some actors, shot a small excerpt, which we share with you here, so you can imagine what the fairy tale will actually be. 

Description of the project: 
1. Author - Tetiana Stanieva
2. Hitar Petar's adventures in Bessarabia. Feature film
3. Genre: Family comedy adventure film with elements of folklore
4. Running time: 90 minutes
5. Target audience: People of Bessarabia, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Europe, Folklorists, fans of adventure film genre, children.
6. Log line: Hitar Petar, the folk hero of Bulgaria, finds himself in an unknown place, the Ukrainian Bessarabia where Bulgarians are mixed up with other nationalities, and in the modern urbanistic 21st century, where the problems and challenges are new but the human nature remains the same. Destined to bring justice using slyness, how the people of Bessarabia will welcome the 'Messiah' and how he will rise up to the challenge to defeat the evil in the region?
7.  Main theme and motive: To showcase the unique flavor and diversity of Bessarabia, its potential in the domains of tourism and folklore. The author is convinced that there's nothing wiser than the folklore that has accumulated all the cultural gems throughout the centuries. The goal of the film is to show the wisdom and the humor, kept with great care in the proverbs and the fables of Bulgaria and other Bessarabian countries, through the adventure of Hitar Petar. The main theme will become crystal clear to the viewer: the Bulgarian people, no matter how different in dialect or customs, have kept their traditions for more than 200 years despite the constant change of government. They live side by side, have different requests but similar problems, remaining united in their diversity and fighting the evil and the oppression in the area. Each separate story that the hero goes through holds an instructive function. The film will bring light to the question of urbanization and countryside, the conflict of old vs new, bringing a modern spin on the eternal topic of good vs evil.

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