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Video presentation of Bessarabia 2020​

An unfortunate fact, but there are so few Ukrainians that know at least smth about the colorful and diverse south part of Ukraine, the one beyond Odessa, the one called Bessarabia. What to say about foreigners. But there is no one who would come and not fall in love forever. This encourages us to tell more about it and arouse more interest. This time the NGO "OKO" did it in this way - a video presentation. You just look at it , at our Ukrainian Bessarabia!

The land that became a shelter for all the folks living there.  Colorful land, rich, fertile for talents, culture and hard working people. It can become an example of friendship and a model of cooperation of peoples not only for Ukraine but also for Europe and the World.  Are you still looking for the best and most unique place on the planet?  Here it is!

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