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Distribution Documentary "Chamur"​

Distribution of Tatiana Staneva's short documentary "Chamur" at various film festivals around the world. 

What is this movie about?

Chamur is a tradition that 30-40 years ago was absolutely typical for the Bulgarian village of Krynychne (Ukraine). Residents of the whole village gathered together and mixed clay with straw to create mudbricks which later would serve as bricks to build their houses, make their homes.

SIn 2019, residents from all over Krynychne get together for Chamur to start the construction of an ethnographic museum in an authentic way.

On the land cursed with hard work by God, from dust born and into dust until they return, the people of Krynychne use the dust to make their bricks of happiness, finding their lost paradise for at least one day.

We believed in this project documentary "Chamur" from the very beginning. And here is the first recognition at the Oniros Film Awards - New York!

The second recognition of Chamur - it became the best documentary short film at the Phoenix Monthly Short Film Festival!  We celebrate and wish further success!

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