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A film about the film "The Place of Power" 2020​

Given the fact that this documentary by Tatiana Staneva is a very personal video work, her debut as a director, in which she put all her heart and soul, pain and tears, the film was a great success in the Bulgarian diaspora in Ukraine and Bulgaria. There was a big movement of rebirth around the film, its own catharsis of both the film team and all viewers, awareness of their identity, longing for the lost, tears for the past and despair, fear for their future as communities. There was no doubt for film's team that the whole process was led by Hand from above, because absolutely unexpected, unplanned, sometimes mystical shots, the same mystical deaths of the heroes can not be explained except by a separate plan of the Otherworld.


We decided to make a film about the film "The Place of Power" to preserve the memory of this wave, which was raised by the film, collecting the most valuable moments from the premieres. And the memory of the people themselves is preserved in the picture, which was made with the help of the NGO "Bessarabia Development Center".

We will remind you about the synopsis of the film.
Documentary “The Place of power” is a film depicting the unique identity of the Bulgarian village of Krynychne (Odessa region, Ukraine). The script of the film is based on the stories of the villagers of Krynychne about the history of the village, cultural heritage, about the folklore of the Bulgarians, which its inhabitants have preserved for over 200 years. It will demonstrate the conflict between modern and progressive life, which is moving into the future, and the traditions and fundamentalism of the villagers of Krynychne, which serve as a tool to preserve their uniqueness

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